The Founders

Bishop Monzell
Bishop Monzell

Bishop Monzell took early retirement from New York City Health & Hospitals where he served for 15 years as a Senior Computer analyst; his growth within the company commenced as a Director of IT. In 2004, the call of God led him away from bi-vocational ministry and led him into full time ministry service. Bishop Monzell’s background in informational technology enabled him to merge his technical skills with his ministerial services establishing a state-of-the-art computer lab dedicated to both the community and congregation.

Bishop Monzell is multitalented with the gifts of singing, playing guitar, and drums. His musical background was essential in the contractual agreement with a Juilliard graduate violinist. Violin lessons were provided for the youth, free of charge under Bishops Monzell’s pastoral care as students regularly performed recitals for the community. Many of those taught have continued to foster their love for music.

Delphine Way
Delphine Way

Delphine Way retired in 2018 from a career in education after teaching over 37 years. She earned a Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Education, specializing in elementary, special, and early childhood education.  Delphine has taught in The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens County of New York touching the lives of hundreds of elementary students.

In 2004, Delphine joined her husband in ministry to serve and co-pastor their growing congregation. Her educational prowess enabled her to be instrumental in organizing various educational modules that were customized to meet the specific needs of the youth. Additionally, Delphine was responsible for developing a women’s ministry department that was geared towards mentoring women, prayer, counseling, teaching, and conferences. Delphine also served in the music ministry as the lead organist/pianist and was significant in developing the music program.

Bishop Monzell and Delphine are committed to constantly pursuing innovative ways to reach all people from every walk of life by Teaching, Aiding, and Providing services to those on the journey of life.


Our desire is to impact everyone assigned to our destiny -
this is our fulfillment.