The Ollie Mae Peterson Education & Community Service
Memorial Scholarship

The Ollie Mae Peterson Education & Community Service Memorial Scholarship was created to honor her zeal for knowledge and the contributions made to her community.

Ollie Mae Mayo-Peterson graduated high school in 1950 at the age of 16, two years ahead of her class. She was married from 1952-1967 to Leonard John Mayo, during which time she had three children. Ollie strived to make life better for her children by simultaneously working and attending college. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree and was certified with the Registry of Medical Technologist of the American Society of Clinical Pathologist and awarded the distinction of Medical Technologist before completing her college courses in 1966. Education was important to Ollie, and she always engaged young people concerning their performance in school.

Ollie married David Peterson in 1974 and while employed as a Medical Technologist at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Ohio, Ollie and her husband established a restaurant in 1976 which served those in the community. Soon after, Ollie pursued a career in real estate, passing the Ohio Real Estate Agent Exam. Ollie was extremely instrumental in assisting those in the community in purchasing their first home.

After retiring from St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Real Estate became Ollie's focus. She utilized her knowledge as a realtor to purchase homes and founded A1 School of Carpentry and Apprentice. Ollie continued to "pay it forward" by assisting young men in learning a trade and gain employment repairing homes which were later sold to those in the community for a modest price.

Ollie always had a desire to create a scholarship in her name to support young people in their pursuit of knowledge. Therefore, the board of Mpact Outreach is honored to announce, "The Ollie Mae Peterson Education & Community Service Memorial Scholarship Fund". For more information concerning the scholarship fund, please use the form on our Home Page to send an email.

If you would like to contribute towards the Ollie Mae Peterson Education & Community Service Memorial Scholarship, please fill in the information below. All giving is tax-deductible.
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2023 Scholarship Guidelines

1. The contestant must be an elementary school student who attends Cordello Elementary School in Central Islip, N.Y. with good academic and behavioral standing.

2. The contestant must fill out the application form and send by email with all signatures required.

3. The contestant must write an essay on the topic: "What impact have I made on my family, my school, or my community?

4. Your essay must have a title, be 300-500 words and comprised of 5 paragraphs.

5. Your essay must be typed and double spaced. You may have assistance typing your essay.

6. You must include a cover page with your full name, school, and phone number to be sent by email or regular mail with your essay.

7. Your essay must be received to Mpact Outreach by June 5, 2023, by 10PM via email or regular mail. Contact Mpact for mailing address.

8. There will be three awards: 1st place $300.00; 2nd place $200; 3rd place $100.

9. The essays will be scored by former educators.

10. The winners will be notified and awards presented at their school.

11. Relatives of members of the board of Mpact Outreach will not be eligible to compete.

12. Your essay will be scored according to student scoring rubric at the bottom of this page.

Scholarship Application